ask-sunflare said: ((I might be able to get something up, though it’s probably from a scene four-ish days old? Mind that?))

I would be happy to RP with you

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Back from the hospital. I survived.

Back from the hospital. I survived.

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i got into a car accident today

i’m all banged up and my baby (my car)  is gone

is this even real

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OOC: Does anyone want to RP? I am open to ideas! And I still have an open open RP up!

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thenameisjackrabbit asked: Hi puppy! How are ya?



Grumbles; doesn’t like to be called a ‘puppy’ but supposedly it’s fair because Grimlock, thanks to his inability to pronounce long words without difficulty, called him ‘Rabbit’.

"Nothin’ much, though my city is progressing positively. My people look healthier than when I first found them in the underground cities."

Jackrabbit noticed that he grumbled, which he found amusing. He walked up to him, smiling as he spoke.

"You mean… there are more Dinobots? That’s so cool! You see, you’re the only one I’ve met. Are they as cool as you, king~?"

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thenameisjackrabbit asked: *Pokes and runs away*






Rabbit!! Hey!!

I’m lovely, but not as lovely as you!! *Giggles*

[Laughs!] Flatterer! You’re just as lovely as I am, if not moreso!

You are too much! So, what’s new~?

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OOC: Just wanted to let you all know that I wrote up an open RP, so if you’re interested, message me!

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blue-and-black-hero said: //Jackrabbit has excellent tastes~


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